A Lady named Fay

I was 10 when I met a Lady named Fay
She was working in my father’s office
As a secretary
She held Grace, Beauty and Wonder
Was Dignity impersonated
Had massive curls and a smile
Wide enough for you to rest in

She made me promise
To never be a secretary
Without understanding why
Her words felt important

I totally broke it, and
Playing secretary is not joyful for me
Her words already knew
They echoed a Truth
Upholding me to Beauty, Joy and Dignity

Each time I remember
I receive her blessing
From her heart to my heart
She connected me to an essential

Fay, I usher a thank you
For the winds to carry to you

And to you reading these words
May you receive something important for you today
May you share something special with another
Who could say what blessing it will bring

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