Able beyond your means

Life has a way of
Getting a point across
You know the one you
Need to hear the most

She did a good one
Sending me to Eastern mountains
On a week long walkabout
I wasn’t sure I’d come throughout

Halfway whispering
From inside
« Let’s extend it, you are ready »

At the finish line
Getting me home early
With loads and loads of energy

To have me packing 2 days later
Opening a second half
Of the chapter

Took me to the Ocean
Powered with magic
Recovered honesty
Grin on my chin

With lasting words
For all new routes
You are able
Beyond your means


For those who want to experience the transformative space of walking in good company and high energy – looking for adventure, a space to open larger, you might walk

Le Sentier des Hauts Lieux – 4 or 7 day hike in Alsace

Les Sentiers Intérieurs – A cycle of 1 day walks in Alsace

Both seasons start this spring and remember you are able beyond your means

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