Building bridges

This week I felt even more deeply the stretch
Between a part that wants to create and one that won’t move
To the extent it looked absurd, even though it made sense

The minute I would decide to act my body would shut down
For an hour, half a day
When I move my body, or activate new patterns
Life does what it does and flows
When it asks I keep still
It is signaling I don’t have the equipment for full flow to happen

I need to sit it out
For the piece of Life that was put in inner confinement
To be opened up again
Have its energy released
With the pain comes joy, new ideas and smells
They were caught in the same bundle

It’s not about choosing a side
It’s about building bridges
When I sit with all the pieces
Not knowing or sorting them out
They assemble organically

Stillness initiates the move

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