That’s how I know I care

In 3 weeks I am going on a hike

Also I recently put on 12 pounds
Which added an extra pack
To an already heavy body
Without including gear or water

My body warns me when
It’s not a move I can handle
This time it nudges me to go

Like any adventure
It partly looks insurmountable
Goes beyond what I have done or know possible
Maybe not by much
But a stretch it is still

I thought of lightening fast
Or ignore Life and not go
But no
As I explored options
A middle ground opened

Adjust the itinerary to your capacities
Fast a few times before you leave
Have lighter walking days
Especially the longest, cut that one in half
Rest when you need
Go to the beach

Suggestions were gentle, multiple, achievable
Making it work with my current situation
Instead of challenging myself
To fit into a stronger scenario

That’s how I know I care
The answer is counting me in
As I am, not how I’m meant to be

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