Near the beginning

It’s erasing a black board mid sentence
Or move a few yards, fatigued at some point,
That you walked ten thousand steps
And are nowhere near the finish line

Your body kept you in place
Allowing the first 3 steps and hitting repeat
You are gasping out a « Wait for me !»
Staying put while the world is moving besides you

You’re in that inch too far to grab a hand
However close, it’s never within reach
Then comes the terror when it hits you
You are doomed

Oh so it feels
So you go further

The next move comes from a place you know nothing of
A crack in the ground which will reveal something unseen
You can’t anticipate or prepare for
It feels new, has steady growth or determination

You wouldn’t expect it or know how to
There is a force that comes from within, she whispers
« Carry on, you are near the beginning, not the end. »

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