Sitting with the wall

These past 2 weeks I have been working on a new project
Which enlivenes me and changes my inner chemistry
It requires me to shift my focus, attitudes and rhythm,
Which is good
It also made room for a massive inner wall
A part that said nope
Not moving one inch
Not ready for this

Anytime I want to change
Parts that are not all onboard or quite ready
Show up
Not in resistance, or rebellion
They want to be included
It’s just a bigger gap for them
And they need more attention
A tailored strategy

« If you want to move
There is a block in the road you should consider
We’ll show you where it’s at »

So I sit with the wall
Get curious about it
Feel the feelings and messiness
It might look like not moving an inch and
Following chaos inside
For a second or a few days
I just go real gentle on what is happening
For however long it takes

Because the way I move through
Is sometimes to sit a while
Until my body is complete
And moves back up again

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