Talk with a Cherry Tree

This morning didn’t start that all so well
I was agitated, frustrated, wanted no more
Of the confusion circulating inside

I went outside, to shake it off
Walked by a cherry tree
Who addressed me politely

« Stay with me for a minute
And tell me
What do you see? »

I stopped in the alley to have a greater look
Lifted eyes to the sky, gazed at its leaves
It was gorged with cherries
Among its branches, birds chirping and picking

« What do you see? »

Well, you look:

Encumbered by whatever happens
Centered, grounded, peaceful
Open terrasse to every bird
Welcoming of everything that comes to you

Bold and wide
Abundant and generous
Naturally contributing

Energetics far wider than
Your physical trunk
Anchoring energy
For the entire neighborhood

« These qualities you see reflected in me
Are in your own body

You can hold space for disruptions
Be abundant and generous openly
A magnet and compass for new energy
Etheric body and abilities far wider than this reality
Contributing beyond your understanding

You see
It’s about remembering who to be » 

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