The enchanted window

There is a window
In the street next to mine
That is truly magical

Every little space available
Is covered in growing greens
Each time I walk by
I am taken in its radiant growth and goodness

The vitality in this square foot
Is so palpable that
Like a flower turning to the Sun
I think and feel only of how it could grow

I have a surprising inclination to deposit
More pots and plants
Hug or Kiss the gardener
Which I have never met and remains a mystery

Its magic has extended a street
Batches of sprouts and plants have
Mysteriously doubled in my own space
And to my delight
Is quietly infiltrating other parts of my Life

Do you know of an enchanted window close to you?
Could you create your own?
It could look like a garden, a dance, a roar or a smile ….

Your touch of beauty to the world
Which feels simple and good to you
And radiates immensely to the rest of us

We are each of Magic and Beauty
Every bit we put out there matters
We don’t ever know how much
But it does

It might make a world of difference
To a stranger or a neighbor passing by

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