Just make contact

I need to stop making me panic
By thinking something (or mostly everything) is going wrong right now
Whatever the outer circumstances.

I know I’ve learned to go out for safety when the answer is in.
Breathe, slow down, regulate the flow, listen to it, stay with it,
Be it your pal or someone you would start a conversation with, out of the blue.

Just. Make. Contact.

It is going to be alright. I don’t know about tomorrow, or 5 years from now.
I have seen that if you stay right here, with this instant,
it smoothes itself down, softly deflates in you.
and everything seems/feels a little bit more OK.

It’s that one step, and it’s enough, the rest will take care of itself.
Tomorrow, in 5 years, or a moment around the corner.
Right now, right where you are, you are enough. You are doing fine.

You’ve just made contact

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