We won’t let the bus go without you

Today, I smile at the part in me that is slowing me down.

The one that is not picking up the guitar when I need to practice
Choosing cookies over grapefruit
Or just won’t put her shoes on for a morning walk

It might look like she’s on strike
Opposing everything I feel good about
Going left when I say right, only to have a say

But Truly
She is remembering me that
Some parts are not up to speed
Not everyone is on board
Please don’t let the bus go, some kids are still missing

Many times I closed the doors anyway
I didn’t bother to count
Or even think not everyone was here
I figured well, they know the direction, they’ll just catch up.

If, instead of shutting down my slower moods
and labeling them as annoying, stupid, foolish or lazy,
I had treated them as real children missing the bus
Wildly running behind to catch up.

I couldn’t have moved on
I would have stopped and waited for them to hop on
I would have had jollier rides

So even though I don’t fully understand
And still get cranky about it
I also calm down, smile and let them know
We’ll wait,

We won’t let the bus go without you.

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