A one step shift

I played a little game this week, on one of my morning walks.

I was inner talking about a current research for a project. I was exploring different avenues and had my mind a bit too set on where the answer was going to come from. I wanted it to come from this specific space and sort of disregarded other options which looked less appealing to me.

Instinctively this felt too tight and narrow. And tightness is usually a good indicator of where the move will not be coming from. I heard myself say: « If you could shift your perspective to a 45° angle, you would see things differently». So I did.

I stopped where I was and closed my eyes. Drew an imaginary circle on the ground and focused on its center. I sensed in my body how it felt to expect a solution from the place I was standing in. Constricted, with very little breath or wiggle room, too big a pressure.

When the vision was clear I peeked and moved 1 step left along the circle. From this new place I closed my eyes and sensed again. I experienced more movement. It felt lighter with a little more breath. Vaguely curious, I explored further and moved 2 steps right, to position myself on the other side of the 45° shift. There I felt softness, connection and support.

I kept moving along the line, making a stop at each 45° angle. At each step I had a complementary insight. When I reached full circle, I had released my grasp. I wasn’t fixed on a specific shape or color. I made room for the answer, whatever it might be.

And I smiled at how gently
I opened to a new insight
By taking 1 step left and 1 step right.

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