Life is watching over you

Often a depression
Is a time of inner gathering.

Life understands before you do
That the way you’re going is not leading to Joy
And plots to bring you back to fundamentals.
She vigorously disconnects
All the old cables plugged into survival,
To keep you from going breathless.

She invites herself into your home,
Opening drawers, cupboards and the
Bottom of old cabinets, unearthing
Emotions that had been stored there
Until they could be properly digested.
And with commitment and a precise dosage,
She puts them back in circulation.

Because she knows, that now, you’re ready.
You will be able to feel and let them move through you
Without freezing or going on hold.
It’s going to fully shake for everything to unfold.

Even though,
Life knows what she’s doing.
She is watching over you.

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