Anger is here

So it’s real, anger is here
She opened up the door at 7 this morning
With a ring a ding ding
I didn’t really understand why
I had woken up fresh of a good night’s sleep
Danced joyfully in the shower

Ok so let’s explore and meet her further
She’s diffusing in the left shoulder and going for the left ear too
Morning moves tend to release a rush of emotions
So it could be that. What else?
Let’s explore
It feels stuffy and capped
Like a need for fresh air, wider breath, and silence
It wants me to keep calm next to it
And listen
Stop for a minute
Go into the shoulder
Breathe slower

What here, what does it say?
« Please go slow, feel the flow, stop agitating
You are harming yourself without seeing
You think hurt is in big wars or conflicts
But it starts here
In your lack of attention and evasion
Come closer, sit a while with me
Don’t rush today
Go easy

You didn’t see yourself running internally
After the shower
You went out for a while
Popping up thoughts, and didn’t feel me
So I had to pump up the volume to let you know
Stress is not the way to go
Come back deep in your body
Sit right here with me
Let it flow, there you go
See how it’s real easy ? »

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