Gather evidence

We all have spots
Where we believe
It won’t work, whatever I do

Reality, as you’ll see
Can be bent to
Tell a different story

At 20 I was told « lighter hearing on the left »
I could go with « I don’t hear clearly »
Or encourage possibility

I gathered evidence of
Clear sounds happening

At 7 – I heard pennies drop and all coins on stone
At 26 – a friend heard internally. Cool ability! Two months later, messages came in naturally
Twice – I sat in a crowded bar, noise toning down to focus on one singular voice
Yesterday – bubbles forming on a water bottle got particularly distinct

It turns out my ears scan with distinction and ability
They select sound, focus where they need
Open, close, tone or rise it
Beyond what anybody explained to me

Whether it’s old or new to you
Gather evidence of what you want to do
Show yourself how
Anything will do

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