Sticking with it

I have been underly confident in
Dreams and projects

Elements fly in the unknown
No plan really applies

So I bring attention on
On Connection

First morning move
Pick up a guitar for a few notes
Finish with it at night

Set in 4 breathing times
3 color me happies

I don’t look for results
Show up for each

No excuses, questions asked
Sometimes a small delay

Entire days have been retailored
From these mini meets

They act as anchor points
On 30 minutes a day

So I’m sticking with it

Seeing it and still doing it

Sometimes along the way
You hit a corner where
You’ll be seeing it
And still doing it

On that block
It’s less about what you do
Than how you treat you
That you care for yourself
Even when you rehash

When you let go
Take you by the hand
Hold onto you

Whatever you do
You’ve got you
That’s what matters


I made a mess of things
In case you were wondering

I need to become a submarine for a while
Go under the radar

There is no telling what it can do
It can very well get me out of the blue

Just breathe

It won’t get simpler than this
Just breathe

Whatever’s showing up
Breathe through it

Inhale more than you
Have been accustomed to
Let it out, repeat

Live a life and a death
All in one breath

Welcome a fresh cycle in your body
The beginning of a new story

Anger on the side

I put anger on the side
Not taking her on for the ride
Mistaking her surprising actions
For inexplicable impulsions

She was no fun at the party
Made everything go all wacky
Turns out she had no other ambition
Than to give me specific direction

You are out of it
Please come back and sit
Oh now we are going astray
Wrong turn, Reverse, Ho Hey!

Offering a suggestion
Please, change your direction
Some bits need to get included
Yes that it’s! They are all needed

Now I see she has
The right kind of song
To tell me something’s wrong

When I listen to her playlist
There are elements I just can’t miss
She’s got me back on the dance floor
Trusting myself a little more

Fly in the sky

To be in the open air
I could become a bird
Or a piece of a kite

Maybe from above
I could see us already
Living in unity
Respecting each individual identity

Carried by new energies
Down to Earth onto Infinity

Swing it

Back in the days
I used to rock a swing
I would sky so high
My toes would touch the tip of the trees

Full in with legs, hips and shoulders
Not a cell in me wasn’t concerned
By reaching out
Aiming for a full loop

This morning I’m in flight
Sensing it’s time
For another 360

Dream on

How do you say goodbye to a broken dream?

Do you pile it in a box and store it away
Melt it in your heart
Send it on its day
Blend it with the Earth into a sweet decay

Do you cry it out of you
Laugh or scribble an exit
Do you ask a friend to unhook it
Let it spontaneously move along

There is no one way to do this
Maybe one place to start is to ask

If you came to
What would you look like today?

You’re an Antenna

Your body is an Antenna for new information
You act as a receptor
And diffuse this knowing to anyone you meet
Who comes in resonance to its frequency

This means
You need to be rested
You need to be grounded
You need to be hydrated
You need to be relaxed

Your job is to make sure
The signal is clear most times
Take care of the conduit

Make it available for High Transfer
There is more incoming than you could imagine

The other side of the rainbow


First, I want to tell you
Each step of the way
I want to make you safe

Also, the steps I am going to suggest
Are going to feel far far away
From the ones you would have chosen

You used to disconnect, enmesh in others, freeze
We are not going to hide away this time
We are headed for the opposite direction

It’s going to feel blunt and wild and inappropriate
It’s going to feel unsafe
It’s to be expected

You are going to be OK
I will hold your hand all the way through
I won’t let go for even a split second

We’re moving to the other side of the rainbow