In your hands

When you think
You know too little
Yet your heart has plenty

When you don’t believe
You can pull it off
While covered in pixie dust

When those glasses
Aren’t adjusted
And you finally let them be

When you reach out
And see it’s already
All in your hands


Sometimes the unlikely
Act of self care is
Stop doing for others

Picking up the mail
Taking out the trash
When you are the only one

Let nature run its course
Without your intervention

Pick the move
You think insignificant

The smallest of steps
Can recalibrate

Stop a while

I stopped for a while

Needed to listen more
Than I needed to speak

Make space for silence
And the in betweens, for

Seeds to set in the cracks
Winds to settle and pickup

For a move to come when
I didn’t have none

Not feeling like it

Not feeling like it this morning

Rage bubbling up
Confusion hovering
Fear tantalizing all that’s gone wrong and will

Can’t beat or negotiate

But I can move my pinkie
Spin a shoulder to a tune that’s groovy
Eat a strawberry

Feed some deliciousness
In the nooks and crannies

In a beat,
Or two or three
Enter a new reality

Sacred Territory

How do I ask when I don’t have the words
How do I say No when boundaries are blurred

How do I go for what I like when I don’t know the taste of it
How do I make a request and be at ease with it

How do I enter Sacred Territory
Leave at the door all the worry

Spirit of Geranium

I remember a time long ago
A Mediterranean time

I haven’t gone round a thought
It’s already cleared
No longer believe in a future
Or have any memories

I connect to a potential
Fly like a swallow
I walk free, and
In no uncertain way

I connect to an
Ancient time
A Mediterranean time

What she’s having

Have you ever seen someone
Harbor a smile so wide
Eyes sprinkling stars
Shoulder casually yet charmingly set

Fresh & easy going
Not a care in the world

This morning
She’s sitting at the table
Next to mine

As the waiter
Shows up for my order
I feel inclined to ask

« Oh I’ll have what she’s having »

You act as a disruptor

You are not a consensual
Human Being
You act as a disruptor

You intervene to recalibrate
Energies out of tune
Make space and
Redirect to the new

When you go for consensus
You betray your own power
Feel weary and go astray

Don’t bother
You act as a disruptor