First reconnect

When you panic
When it stings
Or piles up in your head
When thoughts are running
First reconnect

When you fight or flight
Get agitated or confused
Numb or not coordinate
When you feel sort of diffuse
First reconnect

Before you make a move
Find your groove

Close your eyes
Follow your breath
Hand on skin
Pause & listen in

Off the merry go round

No more room for bullshit

The one I cary
The one I throw around annoyingly
The one I receive, tolerate or put up with
The one I ignore
The one I lazy into
The one I’ve saved up for when I need an excuse

I keep it all because
I put myself under so very much pressure
Pleasing, agreeing or complying

I sometimes press myself in spaces
I didn’t want to be in
In the first place
Maybe not in a general sense
But in some of the specifics

They are my back up plan
Act as safety valves
And stress relief

What if I listen more closely
Move only where I feel called
Adjust the specifics before jumping on board
I wouldn’t need to keep so many

It’s time to get off the merry go round

Call on a Rainbow

We love a Rainbow in our lives
The colors, sparkle and joy
Yet, we don’t necessarily seek
The circumstances that create it

3 conditions must be met
For a rainbow to happen

It must be raining
The sun must be shining
And the observer placed
Between the Sun and the Rain

It might require a shower so big
It clears out the sky

You don’t call on a Rainbow
In the middle of the storm
You wait until it’s over
It shows up on its own
From light reshapen

Human going Live

I felt so lonely Monday
I thought, let’s get organised
And talk to one soul for 5 min today

I wept on the train one night
Paused before the first tear
If someone asks about the mask
I’ll plea for air and humanity

I walk barefoot in the park
It gets out smiles and questions
Are feet the new face ?

I used to be quite discreet
Every day of this week
I danced in the street

I’m a Human going Live

Sing me your note

Monday I was singing
With other souls
I was meeting for the first time

I was amazed, nurtured and hypnotized
By their sound
Hearing someone sing
Turns them beautiful

Singular to someone else’s note
Each tone took me
On an entirely different journey
Helped me see their kind of beauty

Heading home that night I wondered

If we would introduce ourselves
And connect
With one note
Rather than ready made formulas
What could we see and hear
Of each other ?

We might hear its beauty
And potential
We could see ourselves
And each other
We would realize how
Organically and creatively we assemble

This world might just make
More sense to engage in

Let’s care

Yesterday I met,

A barber who is reinventing
The way he works
To include, support and open up his shop
To other companions of trade

A stylist who delights in
Seeing women grow in confidence
As she selects their clothes and colors

A woman who feels in place
When she listens to people
Open their dreams and forgotten tears

They simply want to share
What they have inside
In their own words, telling me
Let’s care

It felt simple, joyful and genuine
In a pragmatic, to the point, no nonsense
Kind of way

If you want to … and aren’t quite sure how
Remember, right now
It just needs to make sense to you

It will bring meaning to others later
Your little sprouting idea
Might just care for friends, neighbors
And the world

Keep coming home

When it’s a stretch to get it together
To focus or count straight

When whatever you do
Is just not all working yet

When you are kinda half flying
Sort of there and not quite exactly

When you want to stop every second
And still keep trying

When the finish line is up ahead
And feels like a million miles away

It’s not you
It’s the mechanics of it
And a specific spot you are traveling through

You just
Keep coming home
It’ll be there waiting

Silly idea

I had a silly idea about myself today
« People are more interested in what I can bring
than who I really am »

I tried to wiggle it off
Shake a little stronger
It’s still on, like a bumper sticker

It will not go ever
Am I stuck with it?
Not really

There is no need to peal it off
Just don’t believe what it says
Every second of the day

Have fun, Enjoy
Another idea will join in
« You are gorgeous the way you are
Let the world Love you. »

Silent Revolution

For a week give yourself
All you have been missing

Tend to your own garden
Fill your Universe
With care, love and all the goods

Give yourself full focus
Be the center of your attention

Stay close
Don’t spin out too far
Tune out the outer
And tune in deeper

It’s a silent revolution
Won’t do much noise
Yet exert real power

It’s recalibrating
Stars and galaxies
Sending a signal
To all hearts

We are here

You are ready

You are more ready
Than you know

You have been so used to
Peeling off your old skins
So accustomed
To your own crises

You are not seeing
You are out of the chrysalis
Radiating a new glow

You are risen in a new power

One that’s attentive, holds her ground
Stays with the pain and
Invites others to do the same
One that brings balance
To spaces where there is barely any

You are ready