Silly idea

I had a silly idea about myself today
« People are more interested in what I can bring
than who I really am »

I tried to wiggle it off
Shake a little stronger
It’s still on, like a bumper sticker

It will not go ever
Am I stuck with it?
Not really

There is no need to peal it off
Just don’t believe what it says
Every second of the day

Have fun, Enjoy
Another idea will join in
« You are gorgeous the way you are
Let the world Love you. »

Silent Revolution

For a week give yourself
All you have been missing

Tend to your own garden
Fill your Universe
With care, love and all the goods

Give yourself full focus
Be the center of your attention

Stay close
Don’t spin out too far
Tune out the outer
And tune in deeper

It’s a silent revolution
Won’t do much noise
Yet exert real power

It’s recalibrating
Stars and galaxies
Sending a signal
To all hearts

We are here

You are ready

You are more ready
Than you know

You have been so used to
Peeling off your old skins
So accustomed
To your own crises

You are not seeing
You are out of the chrysalis
Radiating a new glow

You are risen in a new power

One that’s attentive, holds her ground
Stays with the pain and
Invites others to do the same
One that brings balance
To spaces where there is barely any

You are ready

Back to my senses

Today my body kept calling
Please connect me
I’m not born for WIFI

Get me physical contact with the land you walk on
Just like your phone I need plugging in
I am not a separate entity
To this world you see around me

It’s through touch that I share and communicate
There is high end energy circulating in me
I need to let it go free

To the Earth please connect me

Recipe for success

Pick something and do it
Stumble at it so many times
You will be rid of
The fear of making a mistake

Integrate it as part of the process
After a while
Of moving with the flow
You will look back, over, down and below

Amazed at what you will see
Is this all really me?

The universe conspired
Got you a little inspired
As you played along
Stars expanded from your hands

Organized into something
Quite grand or small
It doesn’t matter at all

The enchanted window

There is a window
In the street next to mine
That is truly magical

Every little space available
Is covered in growing greens
Each time I walk by
I am taken in its radiant growth and goodness

The vitality in this square foot
Is so palpable that
Like a flower turning to the Sun
I think and feel only of how it could grow

I have a surprising inclination to deposit
More pots and plants
Hug or Kiss the gardener
Which I have never met and remains a mystery

Its magic has extended a street
Batches of sprouts and plants have
Mysteriously doubled in my own space
And to my delight
Is quietly infiltrating other parts of my Life

Do you know of an enchanted window close to you?
Could you create your own?
It could look like a garden, a dance, a roar or a smile ….

Your touch of beauty to the world
Which feels simple and good to you
And radiates immensely to the rest of us

We are each of Magic and Beauty
Every bit we put out there matters
We don’t ever know how much
But it does

It might make a world of difference
To a stranger or a neighbor passing by

Magic moment

A Moon to the 2/3 full
Stars a plenty
Walls to walk on, getting me closer to the Sky

A city full packed
That felt like my own
By walking its streets at 4 in the morning

A spot for sunset
Another for sunrise
A natural sea pool

I felt like a feather
Carried by the wind
Like a Queen and like a Fool
Forever looked after

It’s a time out of time
Which restores my internal balance
Re sketches my interior
Shatters a current dimension of Possibilities
Opens up a new aspect of Reality

Each of my cells whispering
« You’re ready »

It starts with the end

Do you ever feel it starts with the end?

That somehow, before you get moving
You get a glimpse of the finish line
Receive an imprint infused within your cells
With a memory of what it feels like
The place you want to reach

You might not know where it’s at
Yet you have a sense of the direction
If you’re getting closer or farther
It’s when you get that final flash
That you realize you even want to move

So when you’ve got no clue
Of where to move next
Remember a part is already there
Calling and cheering you on

Monkey business

Today I answered a monkey survey
About how I would feel safe
To travel and stay in hotels
In the coming months

I wish we could
Reinstate smiles in full

Keep our hands soft & sober
While walking through a door

Have calculus skills dormant
When approaching another human being

I don’t know about you
I don’t do so well apart

The steps to take

Once the journey is done
It starts again inside you

Making fresh connections
Rearranging your territory
Self correcting imbalances

Your words sound different
Your attitudes pick up a new tempo
Your space comes quite large

It’s when you come Home
That you begin to see
A whole new scenery