Monkey business

Today I answered a monkey survey
About how I would feel safe
To travel and stay in hotels
In the coming months

I wish we could
Reinstate smiles in full

Keep our hands soft & sober
While walking through a door

Have calculus skills dormant
When approaching another human being

I don’t know about you
I don’t do so well apart

The steps to take

Once the journey is done
It starts again inside you

Making fresh connections
Rearranging your territory
Self correcting imbalances

Your words sound different
Your attitudes pick up a new tempo
Your space comes quite large

It’s when you come Home
That you begin to see
A whole new scenery

A kick out of effort

I just came home from a walkabout
To the far end of Brittany
So called the End of the world

There were
Beaches longer than my feet could walk
A boat ride to the celebratory sound of a trumpet
Exquisite moons and starry skies

I expected to be blown away by the scenery
And I did
But what was astonishingly beautiful
Was how I navigated situations with ease

How I calmly talked to myself and kept going
Encouraging while respectful of my limits
Leaning in rather than forcing things

I most enjoyed the effort
The connection it required
Deeper listening and Trust

My vision widened
Fears pealed off naturally
As I made myself feel safe

I got a kick out of effort
Hungry for more

Ocean & apricots

My bag is packed with dates, compeeds and apricots
Heading to the Ocean tomorrow
To trails, blues and beaches
Salty skin and hair in the wind

Hoping for sunsets
And a Miracle

That I come home unpacked
With more space to run to
Than feelings I want to shelter from

The only occasional fear to act as a protector
Open to the next of the journey

Don’t be afraid of the dark

Don’t be afraid of the dark
It’s just waiting to be seen
There is nothing wrong with it
Or you for having it

It’s the chocolate to your vanilla
Take a bowl
Scoop it up
The flavors complement each other

It’s making you complete

That’s how I know I care

In 3 weeks I am going on a hike

Also I recently put on 12 pounds
Which added an extra pack
To an already heavy body
Without including gear or water

My body warns me when
It’s not a move I can handle
This time it nudges me to go

Like any adventure
It partly looks insurmountable
Goes beyond what I have done or know possible
Maybe not by much
But a stretch it is still

I thought of lightening fast
Or ignore Life and not go
But no
As I explored options
A middle ground opened

Adjust the itinerary to your capacities
Fast a few times before you leave
Have lighter walking days
Especially the longest, cut that one in half
Rest when you need
Go to the beach

Suggestions were gentle, multiple, achievable
Making it work with my current situation
Instead of challenging myself
To fit into a stronger scenario

That’s how I know I care
The answer is counting me in
As I am, not how I’m meant to be

The power within our feet

One of my favorite moments
Is a morning walk
Feet bare in dewy grass

I leave the house without my shoes
On routes I wouldn’t have tried or suspected
Adventures I couldn’t have known or directed

My feet lead the way, taking me to
Rose bushes in bloom
Cherry trees in the ripening

They ask I walk slowly
To a point I see more of my surroundings
Hips get balanced
Spine goes erect
The soles of my feet
Open, relaxed, and alert

That’s how they feel their way around

When I think of all the tools
We add to our lives to make it better
And how we are oblivious to the ones
We are naturally equipped with

Maybe we can start here
Discovering how attune we can be
When we set foot on the Earth
Rekindling the power within our feet

Home for the butterflies

Today the sense of direction is unclear
It somehow got lost or partially disappeared
Uneasy with the awkwardness
I tried to steer myself to a schedule
Reason with getting back on track 
All attempts fell off

Maybe I’m in the home
For the butterflies
Energies moving in and around me
For something new to emerge

That has a wider grasp on things
And is so out of sorts with
Where I currently am
I am invited to stand still
Let transformation operate

This is the space
Where wings are made

Perfect timing

Don’t push for the right moment
Don’t make it now when it’s not
Let it come
It might not be this morning at 10
like you had planned
It might come an hour later
Or not today, who knows
If you listen closely
You will know the next opening
Your body will give you a nudge
Or be in position without you noticing

You’ll know it’s there
Refreshing, with natural flow
And an element of surprise
It’s the moment meeting you

Juggling down

My mind is a crowded space this morning
Perspectives of change
Seen and not yet seen
Are having me under stress
Way more than I would like to admit

A dozen thoughts are showering through
With a “what to do?” and a “what not to”

One way I know to lower
The cascading of thoughts
Is to sit with them
Take one at a time
And make a plan
For what I could do
With alternative options
And a deadline

Put each in a pipeline
Instead of keeping it on the sideline
Of uncertainty

At the end of it
I won’t know more what will happen
But I will trust better
That I can keep things moving
However Life goes

And that is really all I need to hear