You act as a disruptor

You are not a consensual
Human Being
You act as a disruptor

You intervene to recalibrate
Energies out of tune
Make space and
Redirect to the new

When you go for consensus
You betray your own power
Feel weary and go astray

Don’t bother
You act as a disruptor

Out of the blue

I am a speck
And I am Light
Show me where
I can shine bright

Should I release
All that I knew
Make me again
Out of the blue

Talk with a Cherry Tree

This morning didn’t start that all so well
I was agitated, frustrated, wanted no more
Of the confusion circulating inside

I went outside, to shake it off
Walked by a cherry tree
Who addressed me politely

« Stay with me for a minute
And tell me
What do you see? »

I stopped in the alley to have a greater look
Lifted eyes to the sky, gazed at its leaves
It was gorged with cherries
Among its branches, birds chirping and picking

« What do you see? »

Well, you look:

Encumbered by whatever happens
Centered, grounded, peaceful
Open terrasse to every bird
Welcoming of everything that comes to you

Bold and wide
Abundant and generous
Naturally contributing

Energetics far wider than
Your physical trunk
Anchoring energy
For the entire neighborhood

« These qualities you see reflected in me
Are in your own body

You can hold space for disruptions
Be abundant and generous openly
A magnet and compass for new energy
Etheric body and abilities far wider than this reality
Contributing beyond your understanding

You see
It’s about remembering who to be » 

Trust everything about you

The parts that aren’t working
The parts that make no sense
Those that hesitate

Some who procrastinate
Others who are close to boredom
Any that lacks joy or freedom

They are wise with a logic
You don’t quite yet see

They call for space and unity
They hold a key to set you free

Mango Joy

Every time I bite into a sweet, golden,
Ripe, fleshy, juicy, bouncy Mango
It happens

Joy infuses my every cell
They boogie-woogie inside
Shake everything up to a smile

Lousy thoughts don’t hold
They are rushed away
Through this wave of goodness

It extends to everything
Yes! We are heading for
Mango Joy

It’s not messing you up

Whatever’s not working right now
It’s not messing you up
It needs a hug

« You can have space
You can move around
You are Home »

« You have a share
You are part of the household
Not the outcast I believed you to be »

Give it a little space
A loving embrace
See it flow freely

You might feel
The daintiest relief in your body
You have just created peace
For all Humanity

The bubble maker

I went in for juice
Came out with a last minute guest
Bubbles in a bottle

I bubbled at my window
The outside called me so

I headed to the parc
For some guitar
A patch of sunshine
A toe dip in the lake

I bubbled to the grass
I bubbled to the clouds
I bubbled to a dragonfly

And I bubbled spot on time
To create a spectacle
For a girl and a dad
Passing by on a bike

What a treat!

Sprouting ideas

I don’t have just one idea
I choose one as I open my mouth
From the plenty running in at the same time

The conversation we are having
Could have gone in any
Of many directions

Full paragraphs form at the first word
Sentences roll out
Starter stories, catch phrases
I make a call at each turn

As I think a word
It’s a tree that’s sprouting
With leaves abundantly growing

Keep going

You feel stuck here
Not because you are stuck
Because you are here

You will find new opportunities
And a changed way of life
In new circumstances

Shifts what demands it
Encourage what is of support
Care for yourself in all matters

Some days call for basic recipes
Keep going

Sticking with it

I have been underly confident in
Dreams and projects

Elements fly in the unknown
No plan really applies

So I bring attention on
On Connection

First morning move
Pick up a guitar for a few notes
Finish with it at night

Set in 4 breathing times
3 color me happies

I don’t look for results
Show up for each

No excuses, questions asked
Sometimes a small delay

Entire days have been retailored
From these mini meets

They act as anchor points
On 30 minutes a day

So I’m sticking with it